Dana Anderson

Astrochemistry & Planetary Science Postdoc
Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow


About Me

I work in the areas of astrochemistry and planetary science. My research explores the chemical composition of planet-forming materials through modeling and observation of circumstellar disks around young stars. My focus is on the fate of the major molecular carriers of carbon and nitrogen throughout the lifetime of these disks. In September 2022, I started as a Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Earth and Planets Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C.

Research Interests

Planets form in disks of gas and dust around young stars. My research seeks to determine where chemical elements like carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen are stored in these planet-forming disks. This work addresses broader questions regarding the materials and conditions necessary to create our own solar system as well as the wide variety of planetary systems observed around other stars. Through studying the chemistry of planet formation we hope to understand our own origins and the likelihood of forming Earth-like planets elsewhere in the universe.


Contact Me

Earth & Planets Laboratory

Carnegie Institution of Science

Washington, D.C.

Alternate email: de4and@gmail.com